When we lost our daughter unexpectedly in February, my office had food from your company delivered, as well as an additional gift card for $100.00. Not only did it save us as we likely would have starved in the first few days just out of grief and shock, the food was delicious. Looking forward to using the gift card. Thank you.


I love Home for dinner. When you don't feel like cooking they do the meal for you. Just pop in oven. The Soups are wonderful-- comfort soups!! Everything is so tasty and healthy. I love that you have a lot of Gluten Free meals as well

Sharon Bain

Almost 2 years ago my father had gotten really ill, when he came home from the hospital he could not cook or clean for himself. I was working full time plus had 2 young children. Trying to figure out dinners was almost impossible. We tried frozen dinners and we all know how those taste! Someone told me to try tHome for Dinner and we loved it! How easy it was to stalk up on things that were home made and tasted great. It was so nice to serve things to my dad and my children things I would make myself had I had the time! We now go and get the things we love and will continue to! Thanks

Brandie Hallas Wisbey

Home For Dinner means quick, easy, efficient, nutritious, affordable and YUMMY 🙂

Cindy Masters

Food is delicious healthy and saved my butt alot with our busy schedules!

Wendy Kirkpatrick

It's so great to be able to pick up dinner at the last minute and know it's healthy and delicious. The selection always satisfies. Fresh, beautiful greens for salad make me never want to wash greens again. Regular, vegie and gluten free choices keep everybody happy. Gift certificates from HFD are a hoped-for item in our family, and I can go away without having to freeze dinners before I leave. Finally, seeing a mother & son business that's so successful makes me smile every time I visit. I ♥ Home For Dinner!

Betty McKinnon

I cannot say enough good things about these guys! We LOVE the food, prices, portions and their delicious Hawaiian Pizza saved my butt for a quick Monday night dinner!!

Carol Wheater

HFD is the best -hands down there is no other except your own hard home cooking. Way to do HFD not sure what we did bef

Cindy Lou Chiasson

Home for Dinner is "Guaranteed" delicious hand-prepared food with local ingredients....count on H 4 D when you leave your hubby on his own during: your 4 wk European vacay, did that, go to Calgary 4 a week to see your new gbaby, doing that or just when U don't feel like cooking after work ...or it's 2 hot...insert any excuse & they're all valid! Our faves are: Bacon Swiss Quiche,Meatloaf,Shepherds Pie,Lasagne & of course the decadent Cheezy Garlic Bread. Check them out today!

Cindy Meyers

We have been clients of Home for Dinner since it opened in Vernon. We were quite sad to lose their food when we moved to Kelowna 3 years ago. We were thrilled to hear that they were opening another location in Kelowna! Now we get to have quick, delicious, home style food on days when we don't have time to cook from scratch (all too often!).

Jamie and Kia

Home for Dinner meals mean good, nutritious meals that are easy to heat up for our family member who lives with a disability on her own and finds it hard to prepare meals that are healthy and tasty.

Mary Jo M.

I am a single person who doesn't care too much for cooking, so I would go through the fast food drive-thru. This was causing me to waste money, gain weight, and not feel too great at the end of the meal. Since I have been going to 'Home for Dinner', I have saved money and time. I really like the microwaveable individual meals, mmm chicken breast meal and turkey dinner, for work and the oven baked individual meals for home. The food is delicious, full of flavour, and has no processed ingredients compared to the microwaveable meals in the frozen food section of the grocery store. I'm so glad I decided to check out 'Home for Dinner'.

Sammi B

I would just like to say that “Home for Dinner” is a life saver in our house. My husband and I both work from home and often have busy schedules. We are very conscious of staying fit and eating well.

The “Home for Dinner” menu has provided us with a wide variety to choose from, as well as being healthy for us. We also find the portions provided are perfect. In some cases we have had leftovers for lunch the next day. Preparation is minimal, which is also a selling feature to us. It means that no matter how hectic our day is we will have a good meal ready in minimal time.

We have no problem in recommending “Home for Dinner” to anyone looking for healthy well prepared meals!

Don and Donna R

We are a family that works and when we come home we're starving, and it's a treat to eat a home cooked meal that didn't take us time we don't have to prepare it. Also everything tastes better when someone else does the cooking.

Rick and Judy

Home for Dinner is part of “our family”. After losing my husband I found I was wasting so much food every week. Cooking for my daughter and myself we would tire of eating the same dish over and over again. Home for Dinner allows me to make healthy choices for the two of us, vary the selection of dishes we eat and I don’t need to feel guilty as it isn’t calorie laden fast food. I’ve come to rely on Home for Dinner. The service is excellent and as a busy working Mom I can get dinner on the table quickly.

JoAnn L

Home for Dinner means peace of mind. On those crazy busy days in those crazy busy weeks where kids and adults are all pulled and tugged in different directions there is no healthier way to provide everyone with a nutritious meal than Home for Dinner.

Gladys F

I love the convenience of Home for Dinner's delicious meals. Life is so busy and to be able to buy something home cooked and quick to make gives me a little more time to sit down with my daughter after a hectic day of school, work, cleaning and errands. Love the friendly service and experienced recommendations from the staff at Home for Dinner as well as the free samples in store.

Renee O.

What a great idea! Thank you so much Rose and Paul for the great food you make. As you know, my Mom won’t eat my home cooking but she eats yours! I’m so thankful for your high quality home made food. Good Stuff!


My husband takes the frozen dinners to work each week at Big White. Great to know he is eating healthy, local, home style cooked food and also soooo delicious!! He has tried almost every dish... and looking forward to each new addition as it arrives. Thanks for bringing your store to Kelowna. We love it.

Vicki W.

Everyday I smell something absolutely fabulous cooking and I know its just as tasty as it smells!!! Home for Dinner is my neighbour , and I cant help but follow my nose!! We are a very busy family of four!! School and work keep us busy, therefore its so handy to just drop in and pick up a homemade dinner for my family! A wonderful addition to our community!!

Lori K.

We have watched HOME FOR DINNER grow from its very beginning until now and celebrate its success as well as its food. In fact, we look forward to a break from our home cooked food to the menu we find at your place. We reward our well balanced meals with yours. When we drop by to shop we are assured that

everything we buy with help from your excellent staff will send us on way looking forward to being back HOME FOR DINNER!

Don and Sheilagh B.

I am happy to give a testimonial about your great food. It has been a life saver for me on many occasions, whether for larger gatherings or for my husband and myself. It is a great feeling to know there is good, healthy food waiting for me at home at the end of a long day at work. While the dinner bakes I can kick back and relax for a bit. I know I can rely on the quality and taste of the food every time. We love the single serving dinners. When I am visiting grandchildren I stock some in the freezer knowing that my husband has a good meal waiting for him. The desserts are excellent as well. In fact, Rosemarie has catered a lawyers' luncheon for me that was excellent and received many rave reviews. In short, the food is excellent as is the service, the convenience goes without saying, and the cost is reasonable.

Regina T.

Home for Dinner means allot to me and my family. As a working couple with a two year old son, finding time to make the best food possible is very tough to say the least. Home for Dinner allows my family to have the best food possible when we do not have time to cook. We are avid shoppers of the Home for Dinner in Kelowna, and we will continue to support Home for Dinner in Kelowna. The best thing about Home for Dinner is the variety and ingredients. Not only will you ensure you will not be eating the same food week in and week out, the fresh ingredients used make the meal that much better. Knowing that this is "home cooking" without us having to spend the time to find time in our hectic schedule. And knowing our son is getting the freshest and most nutritious meals possible.

Krystle M
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    I would just like to say that “Home for Dinner” is a life saver in our house. My husband and I b...

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